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Our Car Service Abu Dhabi provides Car diagnostics, it is a very effective tool as it facilitates mechanics to more efficiently identify issues and repair them as instantly as possible. Most advanced cars can develop many blunder codes which get gathered in the vehicles memory system.

Some vehicles have a huge number of entities which control areas including brakes, windscreen wipers, engine management and even the suspension!! Issue analysis is therefore accurate and quick which can lead to worth savings as fewer time is required by the mechanic to identify the issues.

Why use the XENTRY car diagnostics tool?

XENTRY system is the full diagnostic system for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. All Functions for diagnosis including reprogramming, configuration, fault diagnosis and guided diagnostic tests are contained within XENTRY.

All control unit software (reprogramming calibrations) is contained within the XENTRY software which is updated monthly via DVD media. All Access and functionality required in regard with the configuration via SCN coding and/or CVN coding is covered.


Mercedez Benz UAE

We, at Al Maraghi Auto Repairs is using the XENTRY

At Al Maraghi Auto Repairs, we usually advise you to have a car diagnostics check-up if you are worried or concerned about something so that we can sort it out quickly. After carrying out the diagnosis, we can advise you what is required for your car. Does it need a repair or service if it is necessary; in order to get you back on wheels as soon as possible.

However, for most cars we would recommend a vehicle diagnostic check at least once a year

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